Indigro Holistic Crop and Soil Management

Holistic Crop and Soil Management is the phrase we use to describe the much broader range of activities we manage when compared to the narrow old definition of crop protection advice.

( See diagram – the evolution of agronomy below )

It integrates all the facets of soil and crop management – adopting all aspects of Integrated Crop Management and Integrated Pest Management.

Often our strategies focus on conservation agriculture and longer term sustainability, and result in less rather than more chemistry being used.

Where we do use chemistry it is carefully planned to dovetail with variety disease resistance, and selected for cost-effectiveness and minimal environmental impact.

We have proven approaches using cover crops, manures and composts, rotation, variety selection, cultivation method and timing, and work planning which together enhance the condition of the soil, reduce weed pressure, promote yield and maximise profit.

Our advice is based on what we have shown works and is totally data driven. This method can only be adopted by companies with an independent model.

Holistic Crop and Soil Management
Evolution Of Agronomy